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Inspired donates Scaffold Boards to a truly Inspired cause.

Meet Peter, he comes to us from a local registered community interest company known as 'Men in Sheds' which was established by charity organisation Age UK

'Men in Sheds' gives retired men over the age of 60, opportunities to take part in woodworking projects and was begun as a way to help them take back their lives, giving them a renewed sense of purpose, teaching them new skills and helping them make new social connections.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were shut down and unable to continue. Now that the UK lockdown restrictions are lifting, Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd have donated new scaffold boards to them in order to build extra work benches so that they can continue again while remaining socially distanced.

There are 3 'sheds' based in Nottinghamshire; Worksop, Daybrook and Blidworth.

Peter told us that he and his friends in the Blidworth shed are due to begin a project building beehives soon.

If you would like to help this worth while cause by donating money or materials, you can find out how by clicking here to visit the Blidworth shed's facebook page, which will tell you how you can get in touch with them.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Peter this morning and learn more about this cause, it was remarkable hearing some of his stories about just how much of a positive impact this project has had on the lives of these men, literally bringing some back from the brink of suicide.

At Inspired we feel that its just as important to raise awareness about 'Men in Sheds' to people who may benefit from joining a group such as this as it is to donate materials.

Do you have a father, grandfather, uncle etc who's mental health and general well-being would benefit from joining something like this? Then click here to see if there is a chapter local to you.


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