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Meet the INSPIRED Scaffolding Services Ltd (Nottingham) Team

We employ over 40 fully qualified scaffolders, labourers and yard staff who meet and exceed our quality, and health and safety standards.

Get to know our office team below.

Roger Saxton
Owner and Managing Director

With working experience of more than 30 years, and in addition to being the founder and managing director of Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd, I am a fully qualified CISRS Advanced Scaffolder, and I hold a National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH General) and a Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS City & Guilds).

I am proud of Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd and all that the company has achieved - my belief is, and always has been, to deliver the absolute best 100% of the time and I encourage every one of the 50+ employees at Inspired to invest in this.

‘Nothing is a problem; there is always a solution’ is a statement I am well known for saying and I believe that Inspired Scaffolding has proven this many times over.

Maggie Buckley.heic
Maggie Buckley

Initially I was an investor for Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd, helping start up the business way back in 2010 and was named as a director.
I have given 30+ years’ service to the NHS and when I retired in 2019, I became more involved with the company and the running of its day-to-day business. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and helping out wherever it’s needed.  
At its heart, Inspired is a family business. I love working alongside my partner Roger, my stepson Jack and my nephew Robert. The family feeling doesn’t end there, all the staff at Inspired are wonderful to work with and it feels like a second family.

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Barbara Peck
Finance Director

I began my employment with Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd in February 2011 and was subsequently appointed as director in the following April.
My working experience in finance has spanned almost twenty years within the construction industry, and I have seen many changes within the sector as the years have passed. I did not initially begin my career in construction as I worked for the HM Court Services during my first fourteen years of employment.
Now I feel that I have found my ‘niche’ in the construction industry and thoroughly enjoy the daily challenges and experiences that present themselves. I have met and worked with many different personalities within the sector over the years (each and every one leaving lasting memories) and I can honestly say that my life at Inspired has been exactly that!

Ron Hooper

I am a co-founder and director for Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd, having been involved with the company since its initial planning phases and when it opened in 2010.  
My role within the company involves supporting the other directors in areas of funding finance, budgeting and general planning.
Prior to this I’ve had decades worth of experience in management roles and have been a founder and director of several other companies.  
I enjoy working at Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd as we are a very professional, well run, positive thinking and ambitious business. One that is both customer focussed and cantered with a mission to deliver exceptional service to our clients aiming to achieve total satisfaction at the same time treating all our colleagues associates and suppliers with courtesy and fairness.

Jack Saxton

I began my employment for Inspired Scaffolding in February 2015 straight from sixth form. I started by helping in the yard, ensuring materials were stacked correctly and that all the lorries were ready for the operatives each night.  

I then moved into the office as an administrator to carry out the day-to-day emails, answering the telephones and filing. After gaining some experience in that role I was promoted to scaffold manager, which meant I was heavily involved with the operational staff and dealing with the day-to-day issues of scaffolders (which is no easy task!).

This led to a promotion of contracts manager. It was my job to ensure that all the contracts were running efficiently and safely which meant a lot of involvement with site managers and their colleagues and then later was promoted to general manager.

Now, I am a director at Inspired Scaffolding. I have taken all my experiences from my previous duties within the company and I oversee them and those tasked with carrying them out.

Every day is different at Inspired and that is one of the many reasons I enjoy working here. All the staff are one big family and there is no job too big that we cannot handle together. Teamwork is one of our biggest assets, but it also helps that we all support one another. I am proud to be a part of the Inspired team.

Stephanie Mann-Stevenson.jpg
Stephanie Mann-Stevenson
Health and Safety Manager

I started at Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd in February 2018. I have been in health & Safety for 5 years, working in both manufacturing and construction.

I studied architecture at the University of Lincoln before becoming a technical advisor for a building products manufacturer. My role evolved to include quality management and then health & safety, all of which I now cover in my current role.

Working in health & safety at Inspired is both challenging and rewarding. Scaffolding is a high-risk job which requires operatives following stringent regulations and guidelines. It is my job to ensure every job is risk assessed and everyone is trained, competent and have the knowledge to carry out their role safely.

Laura Kasziba.jpg
Laura Kasziba
Operations Manager

I started at Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd in November 2018. Before working at Inspired I worked as a Manager in a public house which is where I gained the managerial skills I have and use daily in my current position.
Working as the operations manager at Inspired Scaffolding is both interesting and fulfilling. It is my responsibility to manage the day-to-day operations of the company ensuring we have a proactive approach. The role can be challenging dealing with the reactiveness of the construction industry; however, these kinds of challenges are what, I believe, push me to achieve. 
I love working with the team we have at Inspired and look forward to progressing further in my role. 

Inspired Scaffolding Services

"Inspired are a reliable, safety-conscious contractor who consistently deliver their promises. They are extremely pro-active, and go to great efforts to find solutions to complex problems. Their operatives are extremely professional and their customer service is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Simon Butler - Contracts Manager, Robert Woodhead Ltd

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