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INSPIRED Scaffolding Services Ltd (Nottingham)

Access Stairs

What are Access Stairs?

Access stairs are usually free-standing staircases built from scaffolding, allowing a construction team safe access to higher levels of work, be that on a rooftop or above and over other equipment. These can be installed internally or externally, based on your requirements.

What are the Different Types of Access Stairs?

Haki Stairs – Inspired Scaffolding are providers of Haki Scaffolding access stairs. These are fast to install and lightweight in design. Robust enough for any job, these types are scaffolding stairs are versatile in their use

Ringlock Stair Towers – Ringlock stair towers are a proven multipurpose scaffolding system with a modular construction which are fast to erect.

Adjustable Pre-Manufactured Stair Flights – for jobs that need to be done quickly, pre-manufactured flights of stairs already meet certain specification briefs that can be reused for certain heights.

Our adjustable sitar flights come in 5 variations, from: 

56m – 0.83m, 95m – 1.47m, 37m – 2.17m, 80m – 2.87m, 23m – 3.57m

Each set can be hooked onto a scaffold tube or anchor tied to a floor slab.

Bespoke Access Stairs – Bespoke stair flights using stair treads can be constructed to any height or dimensions specified.

When Should Access Stairs Be Used?

There are many different occasions for when access stairs are useful. They can be used to create easy access between floors on buildings, allow construction workers easy access to rooftops and are especially useful when wanting to avoid wear and tear on permanent stairways!

Regardless of the inclination of the ground, we’re sure to be able to help with our access stairways!

Inspired Scaffolding Services

"High quality scaffolding, as well as professional and friendly service. Cannot recommend them enough!"

Jake Cassedy

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