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INSPIRED Scaffolding Services Ltd (Nottingham)

Confined Space Scaffolding

When someone is undertaking a construction project within a confined space and needs to get a scaffolding team involved, then you should look for an accredited and fully trained team to help carry out your project to completion.

Here at Inspired, we are accredited with the “City and Guilds Confined Space Award”. That means that you can rest assured our confident team of scaffolding experts can help bring your project to completion from the detailed planning stage through to the erection of scaffolding.

We can produce and supply in depth method statements and risk assessments which include for:

Rescue Plans.

Recovery Procedures.

Gas Monitoring.

Emergency Rescue Equipment.

Breathing Apparatus.

Forced Air Systems.

Extracted Air Systems.

Intrinsically Safe Tools and Lighting.

(The above list is not exhaustive or limited – we can facilitate any requirements under any project.)


Inspired Scaffolding Services

To enable the work to progress a “Free Hanging” fully enclosed scaffolding has been erected around the tank with a very comprehensive (Best I’ve come across) Confined space control system.”

Alistair Cook, Mike Dexter and Dale Bevan

(The Health and Safety and Environment Tour)

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