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Edge Protection

What is Scaffolding Edge Protection?

Scaffolding edge protection is to help provide scaffolders and construction workers with a much safer working environment.


When working at height, it is the law to ensure that measurements are put in place to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from height. We ensure that our work is thoroughly planned, supervised, and carried out by competent people. Under current NASC guidance, scaffolding edge protection should not be erected without design input unless it forms part of an access scaffold.

Where can Scaffolding Edge Protection be Used?

Roof edge protection can be used in the following situations:
Free standing to flat roofs with ground rakers.

Free standing to flat roofs utilising drilled anchor ties.

Gable end protection.

On steelworks utilising specialist fittings.
As floor slab edge protection which incorporates a loading bay gate.

As free-standing tripod edge protection (placed a minimum of 2m from an open edge).
Installed as staircase handrails

Installed as floor void handrails.
Installed as lift shaft opening handrails.
Installed as parapet clamped edge protection.

All the above can be erected with double handrail and toe boards, triple handrail and toe boards, or any configuration that best suits your requirements.

Inspired Scaffolding Services

"In my twenty years now within the industry, this is the first time I have ever inspected a completed scaffold with zero defects found on the first installation."

Jim Burman

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