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Inspired becomes FIRST UK Scaffolding Company to be awarded DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd pride ourselves as being one of the UK’s leading accredited Scaffolding companies, they also like to pride ourselves for having the highest standards in all health and safety and industry standards and for always providing a high-quality service.

To back up these claims, Inspired Scaffolding has become the very first scaffolding company in the UK to be awarded an accreditation for the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme.

So, what is the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme?

“The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is a voluntary scheme for all operators who can demonstrate a strong track record of compliance and adherence to standards. Operators must be able to show that they have robust systems and processes that promote effective and proactive transport management.

Operators who successfully achieve DVSA Earned Recognition status will possess a proven culture of compliance. By allowing DVSA to remotely monitor their compliance systems, checks can be carried out which will provide the assurance and confidence that the operator is effectively managing the transport operation and functioning in a compliant manner.” - The DVSA Scheme Guide.

Here’s what Owner and Managing Director of Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd, Roger Saxton had to say:

“Inspired is first and foremost a scaffolding company, and scaffolding had always been our main priority. From day one, we have worked hard to accomplish all that we have, and we truly believe that we are the very best scaffolding company there is, especially in terms of our high standards and quality of service. We have always recognised and understood the importance that transport plays in our business, after all, it is a necessary component for us to do our job. We had always taken pride in our vehicles, making sure they are well looked after and up to standard, but at times, we had taken its importance for granted. Through our past mistakes we have learned important lessons about why we should never take it for granted again and decided that we wanted to do better and set a benchmark in our industry for transportation standards. Our team worked tirelessly to turn things around and make sure that we were not only meeting the standards that are necessary but have gone above and beyond of what is required of us. By being the first Scaffolding company to ever achieve this recognition, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re proof that it can be done, that a scaffolding company can achieve these high transportation standards and can maintain them at all times. Gaining this accreditation would not have been possible without our transport manager Steve Collins CMILT|CQP MCQI. Steve’s professionalism and experience allowed him to take ownership of the business management system for the transport department, implementing methods of improvement and change while supporting the senior management team within our operation. Steve is a great ambassador for the industry and is driven by his passion for quality and getting things right.”

Steve applied for the Earned Recognition Scheme run by the DVSA, on behalf of Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd in December 2020. He had done this with the full backing of the directors, to which they gave him full control and accountability, this has enabled him to look at the transport side of the business and enabled him to promote a culture of evaluation and improvement.

“The Earned Recognition Scheme is a fantastic achievement for Inspired Scaffolding Services Ltd. Being the first scaffolding company in the U.K. to gain this accreditation shows the commitment the company has in maintaining high standards of operator compliance. It definitely lays the gauntlet down to the industry and shows that a scaffolding company can absolutely achieve this standard” – Steve Collins CMILT|CQP MCQI, Transport Manager.

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