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The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation 2024 Safety Report

🟣Did you know?🟣

We are proud members of The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation. A UK trade body for access & scaffolding, producing industry guidance for scaffolding contractors, operatives & clients. Key highlights from their 2024 Safety Report include:

🟣Zero Fatalities: No fatalities among operatives, marking a significant achievement in safety efforts.

🟣Comprehensive Data: This report is based on 2023 data, from input provided from 16,667 workers across 280+ contracting members.

🟣Public Safety: No accidents reported involving members of the public.

Remember scaffolding is more than just a price! Reasons to choose a @NASCscaffolding Member:

🟣Audited: Inspected annually.

🟣Follow endorsed standards and guidance.

🟣Recognised by Health & Safety Executive.

🟣Prequalified and insured.

🟣Employs skilled workers.

🟣Complaints procedure for reassurance.

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