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Project Throwback - University of Warwick Sports Hall Propping

The sports hall at the University of Warwick required structural steelwork repairs.

Partnering with Mabey Hire, a trusted name in temporary propping solutions, we devised a plan to provide temporary support to the sports hall roof. This support was essential to facilitate the structural repairs safely and efficiently.

The Sports Hall floor had to be removed to enable the four leg towers to sit on the concrete

floor. To mitigate any potential damage and ensure smooth operations, track matting was laid over the timber floor. This protective measure not only safeguarded the existing floor but also provided a stable surface for the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) during installation.

The temporary propping system was erected, providing the necessary support for the structural steelwork repairs to proceed. The collaboration between Inspired Scaffolding and Mabey Hire ensured that safety remained a top priority throughout every stage of the project.

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