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Project Throwback - Removal of Rear Wall of Private Property to Enable New Extension in Kenilworth

Removal of rear wall of private property to enable new extension to be constructed in Kenilworth. To allow the system to be installed we first had to excavate and pour a structural slab to allow the needling to be anchor bolted to the ground.

Pockets are then chopped into the rear wall and the needle beams inserted.

The supporting props are then packed and raised to ensure the wall is fully supported.

Once supported we demolished the rear wall, poured new foundations for the supporting stanchions and fixed the new stanchions in place.

The client requested that the new structural support steel did not protrude below the level of the ceiling. The support beams weighed 3.5tonne each and had to be carefully lifted into place using three spider cranes.

Once the steels were inserted we built back to the existing wall, removed the propping system and then infilled the needle holes to complete the project.


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