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Inspired to the rescue!

On Wednesday 7th April, Severn Trent Water contacted us to supply a quote for an emergency call out to install temporary propping against a 100-year-old wall after there was a burst water main on Park Road, Willenhall in Birmingham. The propping was required to prevent the wall from collapsing while Severn Trent dug up the road to fix the water main.

Severn Trent accepted our quote the very same day we submitted it and we were able to begin work on the install the day after that. Our operatives worked tirelessly over the weekend to ensure it was safely completed by the following Monday 12th April. Thanks to their efforts on a propping job well done, the wall remained strong and sturdy as Severn Trent completed their repairs, and we were called to remove the propping on Tuesday 20th April.

The support system was installed within Nicholmend Recovery and Repairs, we know how much of a disruption this caused his business, but our operatives would love to thank Ian for his cooperation and hospitality throughout.

We’d also like to thank MGF for the quick design and supply of materials. It was a great job all round!


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