What are Propping and Shoring?

So what is propping and shoring? We have put together this blog to help you better understand one of the specialised services that we offer here at Inspired Scaffolding Services. Propping is a system of structural members used temporarily to support loads during construction. This system uses beams and formwork to provide structural integrity. Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building. Shoring can also be used to support vessels, structure or trench with shores, this is used when they are in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. The term shoring comes from shore, a metal or timber prop. Shoring may be horizontal, vertical or angled.

Types of Propping

There are several types of propping equipment that can be chosen to adhere to the needs of these scaffolding poles in a project. Props come in different looks and shapes, these may include:

Acrow Prop

Tilt Prop

Titan Prop

Trishore Prop

Mono Prop

The most common type of props are Acrow props, they can support medium loads. Tilt props are specially positioned for precast cement walls. Titan props are made of aluminium materials that make them very easy to carry but can carry as much as eight times its weight. Trishore props and mono props are the ones used for backing up heavy loads in a construction area.

Types of Shoring

The type of shoring will depend on a specific building’s structural status and the circumstances surrounding the building’s weakness. If you want to know more about some of the shoring jobs we have carried out please browse our website:

Raking Shoring

This shoring technique deploys rakers, or scaffolding tubes, set at an incline from the ground to the top of the wall and providing support from the side along the way.

Flying Shoring

This method uses shores that don’t touch the ground, but rather span in midair the widths between the walls you’re propping up. The flying shoring technique focuses on a horizontal strut or shore placed between the walls, secured to wall plates and supported by a network of needles, or shorter beams, and steel construction cleats.

Dead Shoring

These shores provide vertical support to roofs and floors. The method is designed to arrange a system of beams and posts that can both support a building’s weight and transfer the weight to a foundation on the ground.

When Do I Need it

We pride ourselves on our temporary shoring services. Whenever renovation or partial demolition work is taking place, it is important to ensure the rest of the structure maintains its integrity, especially if any load-bearing materials are being removed. These supports should be in place before any other work takes place to ensure safety standards are met and everybody on the site is protected from the potential safety risks. We are proud to offer top of the range of temporary propping systems for all kinds of requirements.

Inspired Scaffolding Services

When you need temporary shoring and propping systems you can rely on our professional team to cater for you. We are National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) accredited shoring and temporary contractors, with many years of experience supplying and erecting support systems for a variety of different structures. You can call us on 01623 272 433 or fill in a contact form. Stay Safe.


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